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Bulk SMS Reseller

Today, many small and medium-sized businesses are leveraging bulk SMS services to promote their brand, products and services. This is due to the popularity of SMS marketing in today’s world. And that is why bulk SMS often turns out to be a very profitable source of income for many entrepreneurs. That’s why you can observe many people who otherwise had dreamt of beginning something of their own are leading the life of complete freedom by becoming SMS resellers. Let’s see some other benefits of becoming a bulk SMS reseller:

Fast SetUp

Managing the bulk SMS service is more convenient than managing a departmental store or an online shop. An SMS reseller uses the infrastructure set by the primary SMS service provider. The service provider is responsible for managing the infrastructure and keeping it modernized with the latest updates and features.

No Technological Investment

As a reseller you only need to have your domain and a website hosting to serve your client. So n unnecessary technical investments.

No Need Of Any Professional Qualification

Another reason for the bulk SMS reseller business’s popularity is that anyone can become an SMS reseller. There is no set qualification or experience required for starting this service. You can start this service at your own will. You just need a computer, broadband connectivity, and support of an expert SMS service provider to start.

Good ROI

Satisfactory client service and affordable prices are the keys to a successful bulk SMS reseller business. Anyone who provides an enriched experience and keeps his profit margin reasonable can earn profit from bulk SMS service.

Coaching And Mentoring

You will also get proper training and mentoring for using each feature, how to deal with clients, and how to gain more profits.Lead your life on your conditions. No boss to report daily, no daily deadlines to follow, and on top of that, a steady consistent monthly revenue. Partner with us now and start your bulk SMS reseller business. Call us now!

Open your Gateway of Opportunities with Bulk SMS Reseller

Grow your Bulk SMS Reseller business with full confidence

High Reliability

We have direct connectivity with 9 telcos, which create multiple channels for delivery of your messages

Economical Pricing

Enjoy Flat pricing for committed volumes. We have removed the slab pricing barriers

Complete Control

With a tailored engagement model as per your business needs, and a comprehensive dashboard, you have complete control over your usage

Whitelabel or SMPP Bulk Reseller Panel

Enjoy both solutions as per your need. Get multiple options in one single engagement.


We Give You Bulk SMS RESELLER PROGRAM, Bulk Voice, Bulk Email and Social Media Marketing. You take care of branding, customer support, and billing.

Bulk SMS Reseller

  • Get Started in a matter of minutes
  • Get a fully functional front end with your logo
  • Start small and scale your business
  • Get refunded any time for unused credits


  • Enjoy multiple routes and fast deliveries
  • 24×7 Support from our technical teams
  • Our SMS Gateway provides full redundancy, complete security, and guaranteed reliability
  • Manage your front end with our worldclass SMPP connects
  • Get all the benefits of Whitelabel or SMPP
  • Co-brand your business with OtpTech brand name
  • We will take care of billings for you and you will get your commissions
  • If you need we will also create your web presence and online sales channel