Sent automated messages from your system to more than 225 countries across the world.
“OtpTech has worldwide connectivity for A2P international termination. We have deployed our services with all the mobile network operators across the globe while assuring with direct or single hop premium connections. This helps our clients for the smooth transition and quick delivery without any hustle.”

International Bulk SMS Gateway

With smartphones and the internet becoming an integral part of people’s lives, SMS marketing with a personal touch has become a major success in the recent past. The service is being utilized by many brands in various industries such as healthcare, food brands, Ecommerce, Banking, CRM, SAAS, Hyperlocal, Distribution, FMCG, Brand marketing to name a few, where the objectives are numerous.

Take Help From Experts

If you want to make your business reach and customer engagement at the global level, we are here to help you! Our decades of experience and better connectivity has helped us to become a significant name in the bulk messaging world. Our extensive research and innovation driven team has always delivered something new out of the box and profound tools to support all your needs.

Why Opt For International Bulk SMS Marketing

  • Your information won’t get lost
  • Enhance customer loyalty and trust
  • Engage with your subscribers
  • Personalized interaction
  • Easy feedback
  • First hand information

Why Choose Us?

  • No additional software installation is required
  • Favourable prices
  • A simple and user-friendly interface
  • Send SMS from anywhere in the world
  • High efficiency
  • Personalized Communications

We at mTalkz are continuously addressing requirements of our consumers, thus helping them in improving business processes by taking advantage of the latest technologies. We aim to create a perfect way companies do business, by speeding up communication and information flow of our clients with their consumers anywhere in the world.
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OtpTech International Messaging Services via Multiple Communication Channels:

OtpTech provides multiple messaging solutions and International SMS gateway as per the requirements. Text SMS, Voice SMS, Missed Call Services & WhatsApp Notification can be the key ideas while you are planning to engage your overseas customers.



Integrate the OtpTech International SMS API with your ERP/CRM systems and send notifications across the world.


Unified appointment booking solution over the WhatsApp window, Ecommerce through WhatsApp, Process automation by way of integrating with CRM/ERP apps.

Go Vernacular

Use the language that your customer want to listen more than 100 language options in mTalkz gateways.

IVR Solution

Delight your customer care solutions by mapping all your enquires through respective departments, greet them with pleasant voice.

Payment Collections

Send preconfigured payment links, Let your customers pay anywhere through our payment linking technology.

End-to-end Limitless

You can keep combining all of these services and avail a smooth transition for customer engagements.


Starting from 0.04$


Starting from 0.01$


Starting from 0.03$


OtpTech offers 1000+ International Connections. We deliver to more than 225 countries in a matter of second.


OtpTech offers world wide direct level telco connections for further help and demonstration related issues please connect to You can use our customized international SMS API through which you can send bulk SMS.


Yes you can access the UI or the API provided by mTalkz SMS to trigger SMS from any country to any country. You will be charged based on the country of destination.


Yes this can be done through a single file upload or by choosing unicode option in the API


If the in country norms will permit, you can use your own sender id by your own choice else the traffic will pass through the default permittable sender id’s.


OtpTech offers direct level telco connections to USA for further help and demonstration related issues please connect to You can use our customized international SMS API through which you can send bulk SMS.